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Hormone Therapy

Now men and women in need of hormone replacement therapy can enjoy the benefits of bio-identical hormones.


Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy

Three Step program,

  • Step 1 - Uncovering Imbalances
  • Step 2 - Evaluation and Analysis
  • Step 3 - Restoring Hormone Balance and Individualizing the Therapy


Goal is to help restore the Hormone levels to the normal physiological levels of a younger individual to provide the protective benefit of the hormones

How Are Your Hormones Doing?

For a preliminary look at whether hormone imbalances may be affecting your health and sense of well-being, take the following quick survey.

Yes No  
o o Sleeplessness
o o Bleeding irregularities/menstrual changes
o o Unwanted hair growth
o o Scalp hair loss
o o Weight gain (especially around the middle)
o o Low sex drive/less orgasms
o o Thinning skin/increased wrinkling
o o Joint pain and stiffness
o o Breast lumps
o o Migraine headaches
o o Depression
o o Bone Loss
0 0 Hot flashes/night sweats

If you checked “yes” for two or more symptoms, it is likely you have a hormone imbalance that bioidentical hormone can help correct. For more clues about which hormones are the likely offenders, please contact us for more detailed evaluation and analysis.

  • Customized Hormone replacement Therapy

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